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The Mental Health Day: You Owe It to Yourself

By Josh Rubino on April 26, 2021

Wednesday, March 3rd. The proverbial “breaking point” for me. Let’s talk about the metaphorical mental cocktail that I’d been perfecting for some time. Take one shot of 14-month isolation, mix vigorously with equal parts government mandates, and fancy bar graphs depicting deaths per million. Add one teaspoon of a vitriol...
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Treat Your Life Like Work: How to Accomplish Personal Tasks

By Josh Rubino on September 28, 2020

Life can be downright exhausting at times. On top of everyday life stressors, there are now so many unknowns surrounding the COVID-19 global pandemic. There are things to prepare. We must look ahead and plan; try to harness some level of control over the current situation, but oftentimes it can feel incredibly overwhelming. We attempt to balance...
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Culture Is One Tough Mudder

By Josh Rubino on October 01, 2019

We believe that the defining element of this growth comes from the people that we bring on to our team. For us, the BizStream culture is everything. To prove it, over the last year we have invested a lot of time and resources into defining what our culture is and who we want to share it with. Our interview process has gone through an extensive...
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Five Reasons to Challenge Yourself

By Josh Rubino on May 09, 2017

On June 3rd, 2017, nine members of team BizStream will be electrocuted. Each team member will run through a 50 ft stretch of dangling live wires that will send 10,000 volts of electricity coursing through their bodies. Now before you call the silent observer and report mistreatment in the workplace, you should know that everyone on this team...
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Teaming up with TeamWork

By Josh Rubino on May 05, 2016

As the newest member of BizStream’s project management team, one of my first tasks was to evaluate our current project management system and whether it was really the best fit for BizStream’s needs. Not to say that our old system wasn’t doing its job, but that’s the thing about BizStream; we are in a perpetual state of...
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