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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Placing Trades on via Python

By Ben Buurstra on February 10, 2021

For anyone who has previously attempted to use Python to integrate with’s API for algorithmic training and failed, I feel for you. Due to “alright” API documentation on’s end, and a lack of documentation on the Lightstreamer side of things, it was no easy feat to get something working. With that being...
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Powerful Kentico Custom Table Visualization via Telerik Grid Control

By Ben Buurstra on May 20, 2019

Kentico custom tables provide a way for developers and content administrators to easily create and store data. Kentico’s MVC API has some great tools for retrieving that data to be used in your MVC site. The final ingredient needed is a great way to display and interact with this custom table data; that’s where the Telerik grid...
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