BizStream Business Analysts Earn Content Modeling Certification

Chris Hamm and Spencer Haven, have achieved their Content Modeling certification. Keep reading to learn more.

We’re excited to share that two of our team members, Chris Hamm and Spencer Haven, have achieved their Content Modeling certification. As business analysts, their dedication to mastering content modeling showcases our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions.

Importance of Content Modeling

Content modeling aims to create a content model, which is a framework for your content to make sure it’s highly reusable, presentation independent, and supports all aspects of your business and your clients’ needs. In essence, content modeling structures your content into highly reusable pieces and adds relationships and meaningful metadata to support omnichannel delivery.

From the team’s experience, well-modeled projects are more successful from both result and satisfaction points of view. For us, content modeling is one of the most important things that can decide the success of your project.

With this certification, Chris and Spencer have shown their expertise and commitment to staying updated with industry standards. Their analytical skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities have consistently delivered exceptional results. Their certification further enhances our capabilities and reflects our dedication to professional growth.

Chris Hamm, Business Analysis

Spencer Haven, Business Analysis

Earning my Content Modeling certification is a game-changer. Kontent’s in-depth training has enabled me to create structured and impactful digital content strategies. This certification has not only boosted my confidence but also elevated my professional profile in the digital landscape.

BizStream’s Partner Content Modeling Competency

BizStream also holds’s Content Modeling certification and acknowledges BizStream as qualified to deliver high-quality, future-proof projects with excellent user experience. Read more about that in our BizStream Gains Partner Content Modeling Competency blog post. 

About BizStream

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