BizStream Gains Partner Content Modeling Competency

The Content Modeling certification acknowledges BizStream as qualified in delivering high-quality, future-proof projects with excellent user experience.

We are happy to announce that BizStream, a Premium Partner, has gained the newly released Content Modeling Competency. The Content Modeling certification acknowledges BizStream as qualified in delivering high-quality, future-proof projects with excellent user experience. Content modeling certified badge

Importance of Content Modeling

Content modeling aims to create a content model, which is a framework for your content to make sure it’s highly reusable, presentation independent, and supports all aspects of your business and your clients’ needs. In essence, content modeling structures your content into highly reusable pieces and adds relationships and meaningful metadata to support omnichannel delivery.

From the team’s experience, well-modeled projects are more successful from both result and satisfaction points of view. For us, content modeling is one of the most important things that can decide the success of your project.

Content Modeling Competency

To earn the Content Modeling Competency, partners must prove they can:

  • Understand and apply theoretical knowledge of content modeling.
  • Demonstrate their knowledge in a hands-on workshop.
  • Organize content modeling workshops with their clients.


A minimum of two people from the agency must go through the workshop – one business person and one technical person.

One of the reasons that the team here really enjoys working with as a Headless CMS is its robust content modeling capabilities. Having a strongly structured, simple, and reusable content model is the most critical component of delivering a successful digital property/website. Gaining this competency from validates that our team is experienced in content modeling and can deliver on the promise that Headless CMS brings to our clients. I am proud to receive this recognition and further our abilities as Premium Partners at BizStream.

Our Projects

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Content Management System // Design // Development

Commercial Food Sanitation

Content Management System // Design // Development

Kimball Hospitality

Content Management System // Design // Development // Integration

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About BizStream

BizStream is a full-service digital agency located outside Grand Rapids, MI. We specialize in custom web development, online applications, design, and branding for our enterprise clients. We utilize a variety of technologies to solve their complex integrations and design needs. Additionally, we’re well known for valuing our team, offering extensive lifestyle and health benefits, as well as our community, through various philanthropy efforts. Our team of 30+ employees is a highly-skilled group of developers, designers, digital strategists, and support staff.

About is an established global company with an award-winning modular content platform, world-class customer support, and over 125 employees.’s modular content platform enables marketers and developers to plan, create, and deliver experiences that look and feel great on any channel.

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