BizStream Celebrated 21 Years With a Carnival-Themed Birthday Bash!

Our 21st birthday was a day to remember! Keep scrolling to read all about it.
A couple of weekends ago, we marked BizStream turning 21 with a carnival-themed birthday bash! We celebrated with family, friends, team members past and present, clients, and vendors!
While our actual 21st anniversary is on October 1st, we wanted to take advantage of our beautiful Michigan summer and celebrate in the warmth for optimal fun. However, Mother Nature had a different plan for us. Our party ended up taking place on the coldest August 13th since 1964 and the rainiest since 1994!
The day brought some challenges, but in true BizStream fashion, our team harnessed the BizStream Core Values and pushed through. Our events team stayed Positive and Fearless by making last-minute changes to ensure there was still lots of fun to be had.
Some of the day’s events included:
  • Face painting
  • Photo Booth
  • Rock Wall
  • Hypnotic Spin Ride
  • Phantom’s Revenge Ride
  • Live music from The Concussions
Keep reading to find out what our most popular event of the day was!

BizStream Academy Fundraiser

Perhaps the most props for the day go to our leadership team + a project manager for their dedication to raising money for BizStream Academy despite the cold weather! For $1/ball, our guests could try to dunk some BizStreamers. This, by far, was the most popular attraction of the day, and in the end, we raised $698 for BizStream Academy!
Thanks to Mark Schmidt, Brian McKeiver, Dave Valko, Mike Kren, Cory VandenBout, and Caleb Compston for braving the frigid water and doing Whatever it Takes!

BizStream Academy 2023

We just wrapped up our class for this year, but our BizStream Academy coding bootcamp will be back next year! Registration opens in May 2023, with classes starting in August 2023. Follow the BizStream Academy Facebook page for updates.

Face Painting

Rides and Games

21 Years of BizStream

A lot has happened over the past 21 years, check it all out at BizStream’s History Timeline!

A Note from Mark and Brian

“Welcome family, friends, team members past and present, clients, and vendors!

We are excited to share this day with you all. Today is our way of saying Thank You for  being a part of our story. Since the pandemic put a hold on celebrating 20 years of being in business, we opted to wait until we turned 21. Besides, celebrating our 21st birthday, which is the legal drinking age, seemed to fit our style better anyway.

BizStream started as an idea to build a place where people actually want to come to work to be a part of something meaningful. A place where we push each other to build the best possible solution for our clients. A place where we truly care about our team and our clients’ day-to-day lives. A place where we Work Hard and Play Hard at the same time. In short, the reason we all come to work every day is to build cool stuff, with cool people, and have a positive impact on others. So, thanks again, because BizStream would not exist today without the efforts and support of each and every one of you!

It’s been 21 years in the making, so grab some food, have a few drinks, and by all means, enjoy yourself on this day of celebration! Thanks again! We appreciate you being a part of the BizStream Family. We look forward to sharing and celebrating many more years to come!”

– Mark & Brian

Our Event Vendors

Thank you to all of our event vendors! They played a large part in the success of our special day!

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