Brian McKeiver Announced as a 2022 Kentico Xperience MVP

We're happy to share that BizStream Co-owner Brian McKeiver is a Kentico Xperience MVP!

Each year, Kentico recognizes the most active developers with the Kentico Xperience Most Valuable Professional (MVP) status. They’ve recently announced the MVPs for 2022, and we’re happy to share that BizStream Co-owner Brian McKeiver is among them!

Brian McKeiver with patterned blue background
Brian McKeiver, Bizstream Co-founder and Xperience MVP

McKeiver has over ten years of experience working within the Kentico Xperience platform. In 2012 he was honored for the first time as a Kentico Xperience MVP, making this year’s recognition his eleventh consecutive honor. 

It's unreal to think I've been a part of the Kentico Xperience community for over 12 years. Kentico Xperience is a powerful tool, and I enjoy showing our clients what we can accomplish with it. I also love acting as a bridge between marketers and end-users and the various Kentico development teams. I understand what our clients want out of Xperience and what would make our dev process smoother, so having the opportunity to share that directly with Kentico for more than a decade has been amazing.

Kentico MVPs play a crucial role in the development process of the next-generation digital experience platform, Kentico Xperience. MVPs provide feedback on the scope and prioritization of the platform. In addition, because of their knowledge of the implementation process and hands-on experience, Kentico places great value on discussing ideas with Kentico MVPs to help steer future development in the right direction.

In 2021, Kentico Xperience MVPs :  

  • Helped with 645 development-related questions on Devnet
  • Wrote 49 articles related to Kentico Xperience, generating thousands of views
  • Participated in 52 feedback sharing sessions between MVPs and Kentico Xperience
  • Organized 8 Ask the Experts shows
  • and much more.

In 2022, MVPs will help fine-tune the new digital experience platform to ensure essential user needs are met. MVPs will also support users by creating tutorials and blogs on why and how to work with the new product.  

In 2019, McKeiver became one of the first few people in the world to become a Kentico Kontent MVP. In late 2021 McKeiver received the Microsoft Azure MVP title! Read more about that accomplishment here. To learn more about McKeiver and see all of his accolades, visit his team page

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