Brian McKeiver Named MVP for 2023

Brian McKeiver continues to stand out among the community, as he has been named a MVP for the fourth consecutive year!

We are thrilled to announce that Brian McKeiver, co-founder and solution architect at BizStream, has earned the title of MVP for the fourth year in a row!

What Is the MVP Program?

The MVP, or Most Valued Professional, program is a long-standing initiative at to acknowledge and reward the community’s most active members. The MVP team is composed of passionate experts eager to share their experiences in building and maintaining projects using and other related tools. They play a crucial role in fostering a welcoming and nurturing community.

The Selection Process

At the end of every year, the MVP committee discusses each nominated MVP candidate. The criteria for selection are centered around the individual’s passion for innovation, improvement, user experience, and willingness to share their project insights with the community. Each committee member is given one vote, and despite the democratic principles that are honored, the selection has consistently been unanimous.

Brian McKeiver with patterned blue background
Brian McKeiver, Bizstream Co-founder and Kontent MVP

Being recognized as a 2023 Kontent MVP alongside a group of worldwide experts is a huge accomplishment for me. I love spreading the word about the latest and greatest in enterprise-class technology, including microservices, APIs, cloud-powered SaaS solutions, and Headless CMS. My goal is to help organizations get the most out of their tech investments and deliver lightning-fast websites for their customers. I'm passionate about empowering the organizations I work with to achieve this.

Triple MVP

Brian McKeiver is a rare gem among the MVPs, being one of only six globally and possessing a distinctive dual title as both a MVP and a Kentico MVP. Furthermore, he has been recognized as a Microsoft Azure MVP. McKeiver is a technical thought leader, operating a blog,, and hosting the Kontent Rocks podcast, where he sheds light on, .NET, Azure, and provides insights on the best practices for developers.

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