Brian McKeiver Recognized as Strategy MVP

Learn about Brian McKeiver's latest achievement and's expanded MVP program.

Brian McKeiver, Co-owner and Solution Architect at BizStream, has been honored with the prestigious title of Strategy MVP, building upon his previous technical MVP recognition. This recognition celebrates his exceptional expertise in strategizing and implementing solutions. Strategy MVP badge

About Strategy MVPs

A Strategy MVP is an individual with a strong understanding of modern digital marketing strategies and how can deliver successful outcomes for brands in this evolving technological landscape. They also love to share their knowledge and consultative/technical expertise with customers, prospects, and the wider marketplace.

Learn more about’s expanded MVP program with two new categories here.

How Strategy MVPs Can Help You Strategy MVPs are consultative and subject matter experts. They are passionate about helping brands drive business results through sharing their knowledge and experience with prospects, customers, and the broader marketplace. Strategy MVPs hold the following qualities:

  • Strong Expertise in the digital marketing space and a trusted voice in the industry.
  • Unifies Conversations between the C-Suites, to drive true business transformation.
  • Trusted Voice on behalf of, providing prospects, customers, and the industry as a whole the benefit of their business/technology insights, thought leadership, and credible references.
  • Expert Knowledge of from both a technical and business strategy perspective.
  • Provides Product Feedback to and actively participates in product road mapping sessions and product experience surveys.

I'm honored to be awarded as a Strategy MVP. This recognition reflects my passion and dedication to helping brands succeed in a headless/composable space. I'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the global community. Thanks to the whole team for this remarkable honor.

Brian McKeiver
Brian McKeiver, Co-owner and Solution Architect at BizStream

More From McKeiver

In addition to being a MVP, Brian McKeiver is renowned for his expertise as a Microsoft Azure MVP and Kentico MVP. He has built a strong reputation as a knowledgeable authority in the technical community. Alongside operating a blog at, Brian also hosts the Kontent Rocks podcast. Through these platforms, he shares valuable insights on, .NET, Microsoft Azure, and Kentico, offering developers practical guidance on best practices.

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