Brian McKeiver Speaking at Atlanta Developers’ Conference

Atlanta Developers' Conference is the largest developer community event in Atlanta.

Join Brian McKeiver, BizStream’s co-owner, and solution architect, at Atlanta Developers’ Conference on Saturday, September 17th, 2022!

Session Abstract

Atlanta Dev Con – Supercharged Azure Static Web Apps

In this session, we will walk through how to build a static site using Statiq, Github, and Azure that is much more than just delivering simple HTML. Need an API? Editable content? Authorization? CI/CD? Check, check and check. I'll show you to make that static site dynamic with Azure functions, Headless CMS, modern tooling, and Azure Static Web Apps. Leave this session knowing how you can use your .NET / C# skills to build a blazing-fast site that costs almost nothing to run and is a joy to work with.

How to Attend

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About Brian McKeiver

Brian McKeiver is Co-Owner at BizStream, digital agency in Allendale, MI. At BizStream, he is a solution architect, visionary, Microsoft Azure MVP, Kentico Xperience MVP, and Kentico Kontent MVP. He has over 19 years of experience leading his agency of more than 30 employees, about a hundred clients spread out across North America, and one heck of an interesting story of how it all started from a two-person team. In addition to his expertise in web development, cloud, integration, and digital marketing, Brian is active with the tech community via his blog at

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