Join Us for CMS Kickoff 2024

Celebrate the start of the year with CMS Kickoff in January 2024, featuring our triple MVP, Brian McKeiver, and a lineup of exceptional speakers!

Join BizStream’s Brian McKeiver for an extraordinary experience at the 2nd annual CMS Kickoff conference at The Don Cesar in St. Pete Beach on January 16–17!

Dedicated to the global CMS community, this prestigious international event combines top-notch speakers, a renowned learning format, and engaging social events. Tailored for everyone working with content management systems, from beginners to experts, the conference spans two packed days filled with a carefully curated mixture of talks, workshops, activities, and world-class facilitators, thought-provokers, speakers, and session leads.

Session Abstract

A Manufacturer's Odyssey into Digital Commerce

Date: Tuesday, January 16
Time: 3:00–3:45 PM
Session Abstract:

Much like Odysseus’ fabled journey, the venture of a traditional manufacturing company into digital commerce is laden with trials and triumphs.

This session explores a case study where BizStream crafted a solution using composable commerce, amalgamating headless CMS, headless commerce, and Next.js.

The result now serves as a modern-day Athena, navigating our client through the stormy seas of digital transformation.

The shores of a prosperous online sales future are in view, but much peril stood in the way.

How to Attend

Visit the CMS Kickoff website to purchase your tickets for two days of learning, networking, lunch, coffee, cake, and a social event!

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