From Office to Outdoors: BizStream’s Summer of Playing Hard

Join us as we recap the highlights of BizStream’s vibrant summer and how these moments tie into our core values.

As soon as the Michigan summers roll in, our team seizes the opportunity to soak in what Pure Michigan has to offer. With the Great Lakes’ pristine beaches and breathtaking landscapes, we enthusiastically embrace the spirit of adventure, camaraderie, and playfulness at the core of our company culture.

Keep reading to uncover the best parts of our vibrant summer and how they embody our guiding core values: Whatever It Takes, Work Hard, Play Hard, We Are a Team, Be Fearless, Foster Growth in Others, Care, and Be Positive.

Stepping Away from the Screens - Company Golf Outing

Our summer kicked off with a refreshing break from the digital world as we embarked on our annual Company Golf Outing. The sun-drenched greens provided the perfect backdrop for our team to unwind, connect, and showcase our playful competitiveness. Thankfully, this event wasn’t just about swinging clubs since most of us are less than great at golfing; it was about bonding, letting loose, and embracing our value of “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

Soaking up the Michigan Shores - Company Backpacking Trip

In July, Team BizStream embarked on a backpacking and camping journey. Amidst the gorgeous landscapes of the Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area, we hiked out, set up camp, played in the water, and shared stories around the campfire. This adventure exemplified our commitment to “We Are a Team” and “Be Fearless,” pushing ourselves beyond limits and finding strength in teamwork and encouragement as we hiked the two-mile sandy trail with all our gear.

Michigan Thrills - Company Picnic at Michigan’s Adventure

Every couple of years, we hold our Company Picnic at Michigan’s Adventure, a sprawling amusement and water park. This year, we indulged in a delicious fajita bar, bottomless drinks, and an unlimited ice cream bar with our families and then headed out to take on the rides.

Beyond embodying our “Work Hard, Play Hard” core value, our company picnics exemplify our dedication to “Care.” These gatherings provide a platform for us to extend our commitment to families, offering them a chance to unwind and enjoy each other’s company in a fun environment.

BizStream team members having an outdoor lunch

Upcoming Excitement

As the leaves change, we gear up for two more exciting events that continue to exemplify our culture and values. Geeky Little Holiday is laid back afternoon of festivities and celebration to kick off the winter holidays, complete with an ugly sweater contest. In December, we’ll celebrate Christmas with our elegant holiday party. This year, at The Bissell Tree House, an enchanting indoor event venue perched atop one of Grand Rapids’ highest points.

Aligning Fun with Values

Crafted with intention, our events team designs these occasions to offer our team a chance to unwind while nurturing our core values. Whether going the extra mile on the golf course, overcoming challenges in the wild, or enjoying moments with friends, family, and team members at the amusement park, our embrace of these experiences embodies our core values.

After all, our founders built this company to push back on generic corporate culture, believing that life isn’t just about the relentless grind. Instead, we find purpose in doing great work while working and finding time to unwind, foster genuine connections, and truly acquaint ourselves with one another.

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Michelle Lentz

Michelle has an eye for design and aesthetics and enjoys applying these principles to business. Merging her love of all things artisan with her business experience, Michelle joined BizStream in 2013 to take on our marketing efforts. Michelle is skilled in web admin, digital marketing, design, content creation, event planning, driving our unique BizStream culture, and more. In her free time, you’ll find her gardening, doing houseplant chores, or exploring nature with her husband and two daughters.

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