Join the IM Tech Meetup for a Deep Dive into ChatGPT and AI

Our co-owner, Brian McKeiver, will be speaking at the upcoming IM Tech Meetup on March 29!

Are you curious about the latest developments in ChatGPT and AI? Then mark your calendars for the IM Tech Meetup on Wednesday, March 29, from 1 – 3 pm EDT! This event will be held online via MS Teams, so you can participate from the comfort of your home!


The lineup of presentations covers all aspects of ChatGPT and AI and features industry experts who will share their insights on this cutting-edge technology.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store for the session agenda:

  • Ilesh Mistry will talk about how AI is more than just ChatGPT
  • Brian McKeiver, co-owner of BizStream, will explore how content editors are using generative AI
  • Pete Trainor will discuss how AI can provide help before we even know we need it
  • Yiğit Konur will explain how to use Google Sheets for OpenAI embeddings and ChatGPT effectively

About Brian McKeiver

McKeiver runs a technical blog,, which covers Kentico, Kontent, .NET, Azure, and best practices for developers. He also hosts the podcast Kontent Rocks, which solely focuses on all things Kontent. McKeiver is one of a few MVPs worldwide who hold a dual-title as both a Kentico MVP and a Kontent MVP. McKeiver is also recognized as a Microsoft Azure MVP.

How to Attend

Joining the event is free and easy – register here!

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