Kentico Xperience Page Builder: Complex Sections & Widgets

Page Builder by Kentico Xperience is a very powerful tool for developers and content administrators. Giving this much power to content admins can be a little worrisome when you’re used to more structured content, but giving your content admins the freedom to customize their pages without calling you for redesigns will keep them happy. I’m going to highlight some of our custom generic column sections and our carousel and configurator widgets below. 

Generic Column Section

Instead of having multiple sections cluttering the section selection menu to handle all the client requirements, we made a generic column section. The section properties has a simple dropdown for the content admin to select the desired number of columns. 

screen capture of Generic Column Section properties dropdown menu

In the section’s view, we set the Bootstrap class to the colCount divided by twelve to obtain even Widget Zones. In the case of the admin selecting five columns, Bootstrap rounds down the “2.4” to 2. 

code snippet

The result is dynamic and provides a lot of customization to the content admin without flooding them with too many section options. 

page builder columns

Carousel Widget

We wanted to provide the client with a highly diversifiable carousel widget so each carousel fits their needs. We’re using SwiperJs for its vast amount of customization and ease of use. If you look at those Swiper demos, it would’ve been easy for us to go overboard with the widget properties.  

screen capture of the carousel properties box

Instead, we contained it to what the client specifically wanted and some nice to haves. Using the PathSelector widget property type allowed us to mix structured content and the flexibility of page builder. Before creating the carousel widget, the content admin would need to create the slides by populating a folder with our Slide page type. Then add in the carousel widget and edit the properties to select the folder they just created.

example of folder set up

In the CarouselWidgetController class (below), we’re using the selected path to get all the children in that carousel folder and its children (slides). 

					using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Web.Mvc;
using CMS.DocumentEngine;
using Kentico.PageBuilder.Web.Mvc;
using AbcClientName.Constants;
using AbcClientName.Controllers.Widgets;
using AbcClientName.Models.Carousel;
using AbcClientName.Models.Generated;
using AbcClientName.Models.Widgets.Carousels;
[assembly: RegisterWidget(
    typeof( CarouselWidgetController ),
    IconClass = carouselWidget.IconClassController )]
namespace AbcClientName.Controllers.Widgets
    public class CarouselWidgetController : WidgetController<carouselwidgetproperties>
        public ActionResult Index( )
            var properties = GetProperties();
            CarouselFolder carousel = new CarouselFolder();
            List<slide> slides = new List<slide>();
            string selectedPagePath = properties.PagePaths?.FirstOrDefault()?.NodeAliasPath;
            TreeNode page = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments()
                .Path( selectedPagePath )
                .TopN( 1 )
            var childrenNodes = DocumentHelper.GetDocuments<carouselslide>()
                .WhereEquals( "NodeParentID", page.NodeID )
                .Columns( "ImageSelector", "VideoLink", "Caption", "CaptionLocation" )
                .OrderBy( "NodeOrder" )
            foreach( var node in childrenNodes )
                Slide slide = new Slide
                    Caption = node.Caption,
                    CaptionLocation = node.CaptionLocation,
                    ImageSelector = node.ImageSelector,
                    VideoLink = node.VideoLink
                slides.Add( slide );
            carousel.Header = properties.Header;
            carousel.SubHeader = properties.SubHeader;
            carousel.Slides = slides;
            carousel.IsUsingArrows = properties.IsUsingArrows;
            carousel.IsWhiteArrows = properties.IsWhiteArrows;
            carousel.IsUsingButtons = properties.IsUsingButtons;
            carousel.IsThreeSlideCarousel = properties.IsThreeSlideCarousel;
            carousel.Id = properties.Id;
            return PartialView( carouselWidget.ViewNameController, carousel );

Building clean reusable widgets and sections will speed up your development for future projects and give your content administrators the confidence to create the pages they need.

About the Author

Ian TeGrootenhuis

Ian was raised in Allendale, Michigan, and has lived there his whole life. He loves the location; being a few minutes from Lake Michigan and downtown Grand Rapids in a small town is perfect. From an early age, he fell in love with video games and wanted to develop them. In pursuit of following his dream, he found Bizstream Academy and signed up to gain some coding experience. Ian loved the Academy so much that his passion changed to web development. In his spare time, Ian still plays video games.

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