Meet Us in Nashville for Kentico Connection 2023

Unlock the future of digital excellence at Kentico Connection 2023 in Nashville

As proud sponsors of Kentico Connection 2023, we are thrilled to invite you to join us at this in-person event in the vibrant city of Nashville!

Kentico Connection, hosted by our partner Kentico, is renowned for bringing together industry experts, thought leaders and businesses worldwide to explore the latest trends, insights, and best practices in digital experience and content management.

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Why Attend Kentico Connection 2023?

Prepare yourself for two action-packed days filled with insightful presentations (including one from our own Brian McKeiver), engaging discussions, and a deep dive into the new product, Xperience by Kentico. All this amidst a luxurious hotel, tasty food, and unforgettable experiences. Plus, a much-anticipated networking event!

Talks from Our Kentico MVP, Brian McKeiver

Track 1: It's not you, it's me: Why I broke up with Kentico Xperience 13 for Xperience by Kentico

This session aims to show the compelling reasons for modernizing your CMS while shedding some light on the capabilities of Xperience by Kentico. Why break up with Kentico Xperience 13 for Xperience by Kentico? Well, it’s complicated. Kentico Xperience 13 and I have a long history and an amazing track record of success. But it’s hard to ignore the appeal of what’s next. Whether it’s modern technology, multichannel capabilities, or cross-site tracking features, Xperience by Kentico offers a comprehensive solution. I’ll share my real-world experience on how I successfully transitioned a project to Xperience by Kentico, reaping the benefits along the way. Leave knowing why Xperience by Kentico could be your future, offering not just a platform but a pathway to success. Don’t worry, Kentico Xperience 13; I hope we can still be friends.

Track 2: Pack your bags, we're moving: A migration toolkit review

Let’s explore the practical steps for migrating from Kentico Xperience 13 to Xperience by Kentico. This talk provides a detailed walkthrough of the newly minted Migration Toolkit, covering its essential features for data extraction and population into Xperience by Kentico. We’ll clarify the process, highlighting how the toolkit helps reduce manual effort and duplicate entry during the migration process. This session offers valuable insights, tips, and live demos to help you navigate your migration journey more effectively. So, pack your bags; this Migration Toolkit session aims to make your transition to Xperience by Kentico as smooth as possible.

Event Details

How to Register

To register and learn more about Kentico Connection 2023, visit the official event page.

Secure your tickets before August 25, 2023, for the early bird price of $600, which includes access to the two-day conference and the networking event!

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