Michelle Lentz Achieves Digital Marketing Professional Certification

Learn about the latest digital marketing qualification from our marketing lead.

We are thrilled to announce our Marketing Lead, Michelle Lentz, has recently become dually certified with the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) with two credentials: PCM® Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional. This certification is a testament to her dedication to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape. 

Michelle Lentz with Digital Marketing Professional certification logo

About the Digital Marketing Professional Certification

The Digital Marketing Institute is the global certification body for Digital Marketing education. Exclusively designed by practicing Digital Marketing professionals, the DMI Pro carries the coveted Digital Marketing Institute accreditation and associated brand recognition, which is highly sought after by employers. Successfully certified DMI members:

  • Understand the key concepts of digital, how it has changed customer behavior, and the implications for your role and the wider business.
  • Achieve business goals by understanding how to devise, implement, and measure digital campaigns that engage and convert.
  • Understand the importance of digital channels and strategies and know how to use SEO online and offline, paid search, content, advertising, and email to drive customer engagement.

This certification program covers ten digital marketing modules, including:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads
  6. Display and Video Advertising
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Website Optimization
  9. Analytics with Google Analytics
  10. Digital Marketing Strategy

Studying for this certification was a deep dive into the world of digital marketing, and it was certainly demanding. However, the process has been immensely rewarding, as it allowed me to not only revisit the basics but also uncover the latest industry best practices. I’m excited to integrate this knowledge into my work at BizStream.

Why the Digital Marketing Professional Certification Matters

Digital marketing is a dynamic and competitive field. To excel in it, professionals need to continually expand their knowledge and skills. The Digital Marketing Professional certification from the Digital Marketing Institute is globally recognized as a mark of expertise and commitment to the industry’s best practices.

If you’d like to learn more about the Digital Marketing Professional certification and Michelle’s journey, you can find additional information here.

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