5 Fun Facts About BizStream to Celebrate 20 Years

By Michelle Lentz On October 07, 2021

5 Fun Facts About BizStream to Celebrate 20 Years

Last Friday, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and a special toast! Learn a bit more about BizStream over the years with these five interesting facts!

Team BizStream doing a cheers

1. We weren't always called BizStream.

BizStream initially launched under Schmidt Technologies Inc., with one folding table and two computers in an apartment in Grand Rapids, MI. 

screen capture of the Schmidt Technologies website

Schmidt Technologies website, sometime in the early 2000's.

2. We've slung code in three offices. 

Our first office was located in the old Engine house No9  building in Grand Rapids, MI - it had an actual fire pole! The building is now home to The Mitten Brewing Co.

photo collage of BizStream's office in Grand Rapids, MI

We leased our second office in Allendale, MI, but quickly outgrew it.

photo collage of BizStream's office in Allendale, MI

After touring countless buildings, BizStream finally bought our first building! Also located in Allendale, this building went through an entire remodel, transforming from a warehouse-style gymnastics studio to a vibrant, collaborative-friendly workspace. 

photo collage of BizStream's new building

3. Our first e-commerce site was pretty punny.

In 2005, NoWaterBall hit the market in full swing (pun intended). While these novelty golf balls didn't actually clear water, sand, or annoying trees with their super-advanced technology, as promised, they did provide BizStream with a fun avenue to make our first e-commerce site. 

photo collage of nowaterball.com website and golf balls

4. Killing it before 40.

Grand Rapids Business Journal recognized both Mark (Founder) and Brian (Co-owner) for being 40 under 40 business leaders. Mark received his recognition in 2014, Brian was recognized in 2019. 

photo collage of 40 under 40 celebrations

5. More than just code.

For the past 20 years, BizStream has been well-known for tackling our clients' complex problems with code. We're happy to say that after 20 years, we now help our clients tackle their design, UX, and branding woes! Learn more about our new services and meet our new creative lead here!

image with text reading "BizStream is Growing its Design, US, and Branding Services"

Turning 20 was fun, but we have a really good feeling our 21st birthday will be even more exciting 😉! 

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