Bizstream Is Growing Its Design, UX, and Branding Services

By Brian McKeiver On September 28, 2021

Bizstream Is Growing Its Design, UX, and Branding Services

We have been increasing our design team and capabilities to expand our service offerings with a more holistic approach to the digital and brand experiences we deliver for our clients.

Design + Code. Now Even Better

We’ve always worked hard to deliver robust digital tools, applications, and websites for our clients—building beautifully designed and functional digital experiences tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Now we can do even more.

As the digital world becomes more complex and users become more experienced and savvy with online and mobile applications, our clients’ digital presence needs to keep pace. Our clients want sophisticated digital solutions that meet or exceed their customers’ continuously evolving expectations. These solutions also need to integrate and elevate the clients’ brand and messaging in a thoughtful and intentional way. So that the final experience for the clients’ customers is not only functional and useful, but well designed and consistent with the clients’ brand.

To bring these solutions to our clients, we’ve recently added a new Creative Lead role to our team. This Creative Lead will work closely with all of our various teams, from discovery through development, to help facilitate, create, and deliver the cutting-edge digital experiences our clients expect.

Design, UX, and Branding at BizStream

Rex Rainey has joined BizStream as our Creative Lead to help grow our design, UX, and branding services. Rex has over 15+ years of industry experience working at various digital and branding agencies. He specializes in web design, UX, branding, and illustration; and combines these skills to develop creative and effective solutions for our clients. Rex will also facilitate and build out our in-house design team. As we continue to work on more design and branding projects, we will bring on more designers to deliver these projects in a timely and efficient manner.

With Rex’s unique experience in both digital and brand development, we now offer a more comprehensive approach to our design and UX process, with the added option of brand development as well. If you have an existing set of brand standards and marketing materials that you’d like your digital experience to align with, we can definitely make that happen. However, if your digital project would benefit from a complete brand redesign or refresh, we are also more than happy to help you through that process as well.

Rex Rainey standing in front of a colorful building

Visit Rex's team page to learn more about him.

A Team Effort

As part of our design team, our Marketing Lead, Michelle Lentz, works closely with Rex to help ensure all of our internal and external design work aligns with the marketing goals we’re aiming to achieve. Michelle has been part of the BizStream team for 8+ years and has extensive experience translating marketing objectives into actionable, measurable, and tangible deliverables for our clients. She has a keen eye for details and making sure all creative materials are on brand and on message.

Michelle Lentz standing on a dock in front of a river

Visit Michelle's team page to learn more about her.

Get It All at BizStream

We’ve always believed that technology should simplify your work and strengthen your business. Integrating design and branding into our existing services enhances our ability to execute on this core belief.

We take great pride in our technical knowledge and extensive development experience. Now, we’re happy to add design, UX, and branding to that list as well. So when working with us, you not only get a team of highly skilled developers, information architects, project managers, and QA specialists, but you also gain a team of user-focused and brand-conscious designers as well.

We look forward to helping you, your organization, and your brand achieve and surpass your digital goals. If you need help creating your next Kentico site refresh, let’s start a project.

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