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A Kentico Case Study

Ferno turned to BizStream for a re-work of another development company's MVC implementation of their site. In the first phase of this project, BizStream and Ferno together focused on the following items:
•    Modern design
•    Better user experience 
•    Support of high-resolution images
•    Enhanced page details
•    Analytic tracking
•    Increased click-through rate
•    Increased page speed
•    Fully responsive
•    SEO


Many of the challenges that arose from this project were due to the way the previous vendor implemented MVC. It was an effort from the BizStream developers to get the site to function properly and use best practices for Kentico MVC. Other challenges included: 
  • The previous site was developed to load the entire site (over 8 MB of content) upon visiting, making the site extremely slow.
  • The architecture needed to be completely reworked, including elements like:
    • 404 pages were improperly implemented 
    • Lack of domain modeling. The previous architecture used in the models and controllers prevented view reuseImproper Web.Config Settings


In order to give Ferno a properly working site, BizStream did a full review of the previous Kentico installation. BizStream assessed Kentico application components & configurations and Kentico infrastructure components & configurations. Production database server, Web (IIS) Server and Kentico CMS installation, and significant number of custom settings were also audited. Other solutions included:
  • Hosting on Microsoft Azure
  • Utilizing Deployment Slots on Azure App Services 
  • Utilizing Kentico Search
  • Ferno’s website was built in MVC framework, making it easy for highly configurable pages.
  • Utilizing HubSpot to connect their sales team with customers seeking a quote for equipment as well as general customer support requests.
  • Implementing Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Improve administrative interface tree structure
  • Creating a 404 page to capture bad URL requests
  • Implementing 301 redirects in an external configuration file
  • Adding appropriate page type scoping
  • Implementing proper caching strategies in backend code
  • Redoing URL routing
  • Used JavaScript for customized menus 
  • Removing console.log() functions from front-end JavaScript
  • Correcting cross-browser style issues


  • Comparing the 35-day period after launch (5/21/2019 - 6/26/2019) with the previous period, the new website achieved an increase in qualified sales leads by 62.3%.
  • Within that same 35-day period, new visitors are up 74.58% 
  • 22% decrease in bounce rate from 6/1/19 - 8/31/19 when compared to the same date range from the previous year.

Key Criteria for Choosing Kentico 

Ferno chose Kentico based on its rich feature set and ability to be hosted in Microsoft Azure. Overall key criteria included:
  • Ease of use for core Content Management for both technical and non-technical users.
  • ASP.NET MVC as a development methodology
  • Ferno had previous experience in the Kentico platform
  • Marketing functionality
BizStream continues to demonstrate a high degree of capabilities and expertise with Kentico. They are true professionals who strive to make the customer experience a high priority.
Jason Wender - V.P. of U.S. EMS Sales & Global Marketing