IMA Financial Group, Inc.

The IMA Financial Group, Inc. is a diversified financial services company focused on protecting the assets of its widely varied client base through insurance and wealth management solutions. The company's 800+ associates in Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas provide customized solutions for their clients' unique needs.

IMA Financial Group, Inc. Summary

IMA Financial Group, Inc.


  • .NET Core / MVC


  • Design
  • Development
  • Integration




A Custom Application Implementation

We needed a system that could quickly and accurately produce documents for our clients that are often working on short time-frames. When tasked with finding a vendor to create this software, our parent company found a few that tried to make this fit into applications and management systems that already existed. This turned into an expensive proposition that wouldn't fully have the function needed.

BizStream was able to build this new system from the ground up. We met once in person, and within a few short weeks, we had a testable product. For them to understand our needs, ask relevant questions, and design a fully functioning product from an idea was amazing. BizStream has helped us gain credibility with our clients by allowing us to meet their needs with speed and precision. All of this was done for a reasonable price and at speeds not matched in the IT industry.

Justin Jacobs - Vice President of Marketing


IMA sought out BizStream to build a custom application for the automatic generation of PDF documents from a web-based input form. IMA needed the custom application to ensure that they could get the right form to the right person as quickly as possible. IMA also wanted to reduce the manual process and decrease the number of errors and inconsistencies from manually converting forms to PDFs.



  • Finding the right tools to generate the PDFs
  • Determining if all their wants were possible during the discovery process
  • Defining workflow. Such as requirements, process, and needs 
  • The client wasn’t sure how to create an application that would work on their network but still allow others to access it from a different location.
  • Getting the right information displayed. Specifically, interacting with the PDF to get the specific requirements to show the correct way. 
  • Timeline, the project needed a quick turnaround.
  • Working with third-party IT teams 
  • Defining consistent PDF templates 


  • Content mapping 
  • A custom .NET Core application was created as the platform for the application 
  • Telerik Data Access third-party controls allowed for rapid development 
  • An open-source third party PDF component was utilized to manipulate and generate content.  
  • Microsoft .NET identity was used for active directory integration.
  • BizStream consulted with IMA on wireframes to flush out the functionalities. 
  • Custom logic and configuration were created to assist with PDF form entry. 
  • BizStream’s proven process was used to take the idea to a reality. 
  • BizStream created a foundation that can be expanded upon for future phases of the project.