The Olympic brand has been trusted to provide quality results since 1938. Its history of excellence and expertise has made Olympic Paints and Stains a category leader with a reputation for delivering innovation and durability at an affordable price.

Olympic Summary



  • Custom Xperience Web Parts
  • Xperience MVC
  • Kentico Xperience
  • Azure


  • Development
  • Content Management System
  • Integration





Kentico Xperience Implementation

About PPG
Through leadership in innovation, sustainability, and color, PPG helps customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets to enhance more surfaces in more ways than any other company. Olympic is one of the most well know brands of PPG.

About Olympic 
The Olympic brand has been trusted to provide quality results since 1938. Its history of excellence and expertise has made Olympic Paints and Stains a category leader with a reputation for delivering innovation and durability at an affordable price.

The Olympic Marketing team came into this project with a deep understanding of their customer’s purchase cycle for paint & stain products. Their marketing team designed a site that would better compliment that purchase cycle. A lot of thought on how content could be developed, how it could be presented on the site, and how content could be easily managed by non-developers went into the initial project phases. The Olympic Marketing team pushed the envelope with a unique design featuring infinite scrolling, hero images to be utilized in multiple locations across the site, and included a My Account section where users can store their inspiration, colors, and products for their DIY projects. The Olympic Marketing team’s vision for the new site provided a number of challenges for the BizStream team to overcome when it came to developing the site. Without the Olympic Marketing team’s input, their drive to implement their vision, and their deep understanding of what their clients are looking for, the site couldn’t be what it is today. The end product is visually stunning, engaging, and user friendly.


Client Needs/Goals

  • The previous Olympic.com site was built multiple years ago. PPG needed the previous Olympic.com to be completely redesigned and redeveloped to better appeal to their audience and their purchase journey. 
  • PPG wanted to design a site to meet the expectations of their customers, who are looking for inspiration for their do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. PPG understands their customers are using social media sites like Pinterest to gather inspirational design content and wanted their content to be easily sharable and pinned. 
  • Olympic.com traffic comes from search - people looking for color and design inspiration which drive product sales. PPG wanted customers to spend more time on their site, increase page visits, and increase repeat visits. 
  • Rather than rely on separate social channels for content, the Olympic Marketing team wanted engaging and sharable content to reside on the new Olympic.com site - to increase the number of shares and pins that comes directly from the site. 
  • The Olympic Marketing team wanted to walk their customer through their purchase journey - providing them resources for researching inspiration, then selecting a product, and finally purchasing the product. 
  • The Olympic Marketing team wanted their new site to focus on mobile first implementation and user experience.


  • Highly stylized site that needed to be easily editable by content managers.
  • All imagery needed to be retina ready for high-res devices.
  • Large amount of content. Over 1,000 paint and stain colors, all with unique name and descriptions. 
  • Infinite scrolling with articles appearing based on relevancy and utilizing browser history replaceState() to change the URL as the user scrolls through the site.
  • A requirement existed for the site be developed in Kentico 8.1, to keep inline with their other Kentico websites. 
  • A requirement existed for the site be developed in Model View Controller (MVC) rather than portal engine.
  • A strict requirement existed for leveraging Google Tag Manager. However, the application had to be built with the flexibility to deviate from their standards if needed.
  • A requirement existed for a custom project system that would allow customers to save how to articles, colors and products to a project type. From that project type, customers would be able to print off a shopping list.
  • A requirement existed for a paint visualizer that would allow customers to digitally paint their rooms with specific colors. 
  • A requirement existed for Azure hosting in order to take advantage of Azure storage and caching mechanisms.
  • Integration with third party product review solution.
  • Single Sign on with existing PPG authentication platform.
  • Single Sign on with Social Media networks.
  • Integration with third party email marketing solution.
  • Schema.org support was needed
  • Concurrent development with PPG's internal development team working on the same code base.
  • Complex home page design which needed to account for infinite scrolling of content plus relevancy algorithm for determining related content automatically.


  • BizStream developed customized page types that allow content editors to fully manage all metadata for Facebook, OpenGraph, Twitter, email, Schema.org, and Pinterest  - allowing content managers to control how Olympic content is displayed in the corresponding social media sites. 
  • BizStream developed easy to use widgets such as Top 10 List formatting and others that allow content editors the ability to insert images with associated paint or stain swatches within an article.
  • BizStream developed a custom content relevancy engine to keep new content first and foremost, and simultaneously keeping popular content in front of users in an automated way. 
  • BizStream developed a custom image rendition system that would output multiple renditions of a single image uploaded for display on different page types, resolutions, and devices using the Kentico Form Controls ability.
  • BizStream developed a custom Datasheet Form Control that allowed for easy content management of all Product Datasheets and Product MSDS’.
  • BizStream leveraged the Kentico Smart Search functionality for faceted search results.
  • BizStream enhanced the Kentico 8.1 MVC routing ability to handle a multitude of formats for 301 redirects - this assisted in the migration of the previous version of Olympic.com to the new Kentico version of Olympic.com.
  • BizStream created a custom promotion and offer system that cycles through each offer as certain marketing campaigns progress through the year. These offers appear in various locations of the home page and infinite scroll areas.
  • BizStream created an enhanced user experience for online forms via custom captcha and validation messages.
  • BizStream integrated connect with Facebook for user registration and my account functionality.