Petroleum Technologies Group

Founded in 1978, Petroleum Technologies provides complete fluid testing for many different markets and applications with a special focus on the transportation, off-highway, industrial, waste handling/landfill, marine, and power generation industries.

Petroleum Technologies Group Summary

Petroleum Technologies Group


  • Contentful
  • Azure
  • .NET Core / MVC


  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Management System


Oil & Energy


A Custom Application Implementation

My experience with BizStream has been outstanding. They were easy to work with, quick turnaround time with our project, and their staff is very friendly. When any bugs or concerns about a feature came to the surface, they were quick to respond and went above and beyond to fix to our liking.

When we had to update our website and database, we needed to make something that was user-friendly, very responsive, and BizStream came through with excellence. Much of the improvements that they suggested have made our data entry and processing streamlined and simplified.

James Kraft - Vice President of Operation and Sales at Petroleum Technology Group


This project’s primary goal was to update Petroleum Technologies’ existing database application to a modern technology stack. The previous technology was outdated (MySQL) by approximately 20 years, causing many security concerns. Other goals included:

  • Give users the ability to access reports about their oil and coolant samples through the customer portal.
  • Provide a rich search experience for users on the portal
  • Re-build the marketing site so that content admins could make content changes without developer assistance. 
  • Increase page speed 


  • Balancing speed performance and the needed additional features
  • Cleaning up years of complex, poorly structured data with hard-coded values, and normalizing it to reduce duplicated SQL data. 
  • Auto calculating data inputs to reduce typos and incorrect data
  • Complicated go-live because of the amount of outdated data that needed to be migrated to new systems


  • Enhance user experience on the application by building an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Added several security enhancements 
  • Custom script that would allow the developers to transfer any old data to the new tables 
  • Utilized a clean architecture to structure the application  
  • Provide a rich search and filter experience
  • Created custom content types to allow content admins to easily update the site without the need of a developer.
  • Integrated Google Tag Manager for analytic purposes 
    To enhance speed performance, the developers implemented caching on the server-side and Vuex on the client site.
  • BizStream provided a clean foundation for future development.


  • Vue.JS
  • Contentful
  • Upgraded to .NET Core and EFcore
  • Azure Dev Ops to automate deployments 
  • Telerik Controls 
  • Highcharts Library