Vermeer Corporation delivers a real impact in a progressing world through the design, manufacture and support of high-quality industrial and agricultural equipment. They value their unique culture, lived out by the nearly 3,000 team members around the world, but headquartered in the heart of the United States.

Vermeer Summary



  • Custom Xperience Web Parts
  • Xperience MVC
  • Kentico Xperience
  • Azure
  • Azure Cognitive Search


  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Management System
  • Integration
  • Digital Marketing




Kentico Xperience Site of the Month (July 2020)


Kentico Xperience Implementation

BizStream has been our partner on multiple projects for three years now. They have truly become that: a partner. We collaborate to create the best sites possible. The BizStream team was willing to talk through potential solutions with us. Throughout the project, our teams improved our communication and process, allowing for more efficient work and better releases. They brought their expertise to the project. BizStream knows and has a great relationship with Kentico and have been willing to step in and be the go-between with Kentico when the help was needed. They also went above and beyond to troubleshoot issues to keep the project moving and the site healthy post-launch.

Kathryn Andringa - Business Analyst



TTFB – The goal of less than 0.5 seconds was achieved



Speed index – less than 3 seconds score was achieved


SEO – Google Lighthouse Score of 100 achieved


Google index went from slow category to moderate


Vermeer needed a site that was geared to showcase their equipment and products in a cleaner, more modern way. Vermeer also wanted to move away from their custom on-premise CMS to a solution that their marketing team could easily manage, and to align editor experience with the newly launched Vermeer Dealer Center for cohesiveness and efficiency among their team. Other goals included:

  • Standardize web platform with Kentico Xperience 12 MVC
  • Provide a foundation for future information content sharing between websites
  • Redesign to brand align and standardize user experience across all websites
  • The ability for marketers to create marketing materials without the need for their development team.
  • Implement a Vermeer Dealer Locator feature to allow users to search for a dealer in their area for their and specific type of equipment that worked as well as or better than the previous version.
  • Product Comparison Feature. Vermeer wanted their users to be able to compare up to four similar pieces of equipment. Additionally, they wanted their sales team to be able to easily share a link that would auto-populate specific products to potential clients.
  • Region Specific Results. Because many of their products are region-specific, Vermeer needed a way for their content editors to easily manage which products are shown when viewed in different regions.
  • Region-based Settings and Content. The site needed to automatically switch between units (metric vs. standard) in regard to product specifications.
  • Mobile-friendly. Vermeer wanted a responsive design that would allow users to easily view specialized features across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptops.
  • Social Media Integration. Vermeer needed easily shareable content on social and the ability for their team to add custom metadata or utilize default options.
  • Multilingual Support. The Vermeer team wanted its users to easily toggle between many different languages on their site.
  • Increased page speed.
  • Increased overall SEO scores.
  • WCAG 2.1 AA compliance for accessibility.


  • Provide an easy to use interface for content editing for website administrators
  • Integrate with existing APIs for Product and Dealer information to be able to show product specifications and run product comparisons
  • ​Show many different specific product images and sizes
  • Provide a rich search experience
  • For each page on, the BizStream development team needed to figure out how to set defaults for metadata, under many different potential circumstances.
  • Working with a variety of custom APIs to implement the product specification features. Each product needed to show primary and secondary specification results on each product line as well as a full list of all specifications on that product’s detail page. Results needed to list dealers, equipment, accessories, and integrate with the client’s CRM. Additional challenges came from having to accommodate specifications across multiple units, languages, and available product attachments.
  • The site needed 15 different form types, each with its own requirements. Many forms needed to pull the user’s geolocation, deciphering what fields could be hidden and which fields could automatically be filled.
  • Integrate with SAP CRM for form submissions and conversions
  • A significant amount of pages needed to be created to accommodate 6 languages, across 4 regions.
  • Custom URL paths. The BizStream team needed to give content editors the ability to create custom, shortened URLs to avoid deeply nested URLs for SEO purposes.
  • Allow content contributors to enhance content with custom metadata.


  • Kentico 12 MVC solved the needs for the applications in a big way. The codebase needed to be re-creatable for other projects, follow best practices and implement development and content governance standards.
  • ​The Kentico content tree being able to hold such a rich content model, and media library asset management was key.
  • BizStream and Vermeer worked collaboratively across multiple teams to get the project completed successfully.
  • For site optimization, the BizStream development team implemented caching, bundling, and minification to meet performance goals.
  • Custom Site Crawler - a custom site crawler alerted the BizStream team to any performance or accessibility issues or errors on the site, allowing the team to quickly take action.
  • Custom code was implemented to support SEO goals
  • Integrations with SAP, Cloudflare, Google Analytics, Google Maps API, Invisible Google reCAPTCHA tools.
  • Custom YouTube Embedding. Lazyload embedded videos to improve site performance
  • Implemented OneTrust to meet General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance
  • To give content editors more control over what each page looked like, certain sections of each page were reserved for dynamic components that could be added, removed, or reordered as needed. BizStream developed a Component System in Xperience MVC to support this.
  • Azure Cognitive Search was used to provide a Predictive Search and very fast Search experience to users at
  • Custom Checklists for Regional Content. Content editors now have the ability to manage all regions from the content tree without having to create separate pages. Content editors can now simply toggle options via checklists to decipher what content is available in specific regions.

 Kentico Xperience Features & Tools used

  • Kentico MVC development methodology
  • ​Kentico Pages Tree with custom Page Types
  • Kentico Translation Management. Utilized Kentico’s out of the box integration.
  • Kentico out of the box Azure Cognitive Search integration
  • Kentico Localization Features
  • Kentico Categories, Custom Fields, and Page Tags for creating a rich content taxonomy 
  • Custom Kentico Form Controls
  • Kentico Forms Engine / Form Builder
  • Kentico Email Engine


 The following Project Objectives were met as a result of this launch:

  1. Standardize web platform with Kentico Xperience 12
  2. ​Improve website functionality and refreshed look and feel
  3. Provide a foundation for future information content sharing between websites
  4. Improve page load performance from any location
  5. Increase search efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Increase in overall site SEO
  7. Attain geographical awareness for language and location results
  8. Implement fresh modern design
  9. Standardize user experience across all websites


  1. Kentico Xperience Site of the Month (July 2020)