IMA Financial Group, Inc.

The IMA Financial Group, Inc. is a diversified financial services company focused on protecting the assets of its widely varied client base through insurance and wealth management solutions. The company’s 800+ associates in Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas provide customized solutions for their client’s unique needs.

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.NET Core / MVC
Custom Application, Design, Development, Integration
Financial Services, Insurance

A Custom Application Implementation

IMA Financial Group, Inc. enlisted the services of BizStream to develop a tailored application designed for the automated creation of PDF documents based on web input forms. The objective was to streamline the distribution of the appropriate form to the correct individual with utmost speed. Additionally, IMA aimed to minimize manual efforts, thereby reducing errors and inconsistencies associated with the manual conversion of forms to PDFs.

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IMA Financial Group, Inc. website shown on laptop

BizStream efficiently developed a tailored system to rapidly and accurately produce client documents, surpassing industry speeds. Unlike other vendors attempting to retrofit existing applications, BizStream built the system from scratch, delivering a fully functional product within a few weeks. Their ability to understand our needs, ask pertinent questions, and transform ideas into reality has enhanced our credibility with clients. All achieved at a reasonable cost, BizStream’s unmatched speed sets them apart in the IT industry.

Justin Jacobs
Vice President of Marketing


IMA Financial Group, Inc. website shown on laptop


IMA Financial Group, Inc. website shown on laptop

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