Design and UX

We bring design and UX together to create brands, websites, apps, and digital experiences that connect with your audience.

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Research and Discovery

Design and UX (user experience) starts with a deep understanding of your business, the competitive landscape, user challenges, and what makes you stand out. We work with your team to gather a wide range of information; which may include: data analytics, stakeholder interviews, persona development, user journey mapping, information architecture, and more.

Brand Consistency

Whether starting with your existing brand standards, or helping you develop new ones, we use these as a guide to ensure all of the visuals we create are consistent with your brand and messaging. We work as an extension of your company’s marketing team to build a digital experience that is consistent with your brand across all media.

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Digital Experience

We combine the knowledge gained in the discovery phase, with the information from your brand standards, to create a digital experience tailored to your brand’s goals and initiatives. With special attention paid to the interface design, usability, user experience, accessibility, and animations.

Refine and Iterate

We review all designs internally, and with your team, at various stages throughout the process to ensure the digital experience is on target visually and functionally. Modifications and updates are made to the designs, as needed along the way.

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Every project has a range of deliverables, which may include: design templates, iconography, UI kit, style guide, or other graphic elements. These deliverables are gathered, organized, and passed to our development team for implementation.