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Working together, BizStream and Countryside Greenhouse crafted a new brand identity and visual experience that better suits who Countryside Greenhouse is as a company and resonates more strongly with their target audience.

Countryside Greenhouse has been a staple of the Allendale community for many decades. From their humble beginnings to their current status as a thriving retail hub, they have become a cherished staple in the region. However, over these years of growth and expansion their logo, messaging, and overall brand experience hasn’t quite grown along with them. Countryside Greenhouse partnered with BizStream, a local branding and website agency, to help them refresh their brand and redesign their website to match.

Countryside Greenhouse logo

Planting the Seed

For many years, Countryside Greenhouse has worked with BizStream for their website needs. Early in 2023, Countryside Greenhouse came to BizStream knowing they wanted to update their website. What portions needed to be updated, and how much they needed to be updated was all discussed. During these talks the subject of the Countryside Greenhouse brand also came up. BizStream presented the idea that if we strengthened and improved the brand, redesigning and updating the Countryside Greenhouse website would be much easier, and better. Plus, the brand improvements would help with Countryside Greenhouse’s outward marketing needs as well.

Aerial view of Countryside Greenhouse
Aerial view of Countryside Greenhouse

Exploration and Discovery

BizStream led the Countryside Greenhouse team through a series of brand exercises in order to hone in on brand attributes that fit with where they wanted the brand to go, brand pillars that help set them apart from their competitors, and who their target audience segments are. These steps helped set the stage for the BizStream design team to start exploring where the visuals of the brand would go and create alignment for everyone involved.

Idea planning on whiteboard at Bizstream
Results of initial brand exercise with the Countryside Greenhouse team
Different logo ideas for Countryside Greenhouse
Early Countryside Greenhouse logo explorations

Familiar but Fresh

After exploring some various directions for the Countryside Greenhouse logo, it was decided that some updates definitely needed to be made, but the logo should also feel somewhat familiar to longtime customers. So the symbol of the three flowers was retained, but simplified and cleaned up, to better fit with the rest of the brand.
To liven things up, more colors were added to the color palette, more stylized brand fonts were chosen, and brand graphic elements (flower and leaf outlines) were introduced to the brand. All of these brand assets give the Countryside Greenhouse marketing team more options as they put together billboards and social posts.

Logo Refresh

Old Countryside Greenhouse logo
Logo Before
New Countryside Greenhouse logo
Logo After

Brand Guide Pages

Countryside Greenhouse brand guide pages

Business Card and Letterhead Design

Countryside Greenhouse business card and letterhead designs

Updated Road Sign

The new countryside Greenhouse road sign

Making the Website Flourish

The brand updates were used to inform the website redesign as well. Adding in more of the new brand colors, brand graphics, and updated brand fonts helps give the whole site a more friendly and inviting feel. These improvements, in combination with the simplified navigation, and overhauled gift card purchasing process, has made the user experience of the Countryside Greenhouse website much better and more inline with what Countryside Greenhouse customers would expect from a brand of their kind.

The new Countryside Greenhouse website
The new Countryside Greenhouse website

In the End, It’s All About Making People Smile

Flowers and plants make people happy. They are used to add color to drab spaces, and bring life and vibrancy to mundane yards and landscapes. The reinvigorated Countryside Greenhouse brand and digital presence aim to do the same—bring a little joy into customers’ lives, and put a smile on their faces. Experience the magic of Countryside Greenhouse today and discover why they’re the premier destination for all your gardening, landscaping, and potting essentials.

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Countryside Greenhouse

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Countryside Greenhouse

BizStream crafted a new brand identity and visual experience that better suits who Countryside Greenhouse is as a company and resonates more strongly with their target audience.

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