Countryside Greenhouse

Countryside Greenhouse, established in 1982, has experienced growth year after year. The business has gone from a small wholesale operation into a large-scale direct sale greenhouse facility. To complement its brick and mortar business, Countryside Greenhouse needed an eCommerce-based website to digitally sell gift cards.

Countryside Greenhouse Summary

Countryside Greenhouse


  • Kentico Xperience


  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Management System
  • Integration
  • E-commerce




Kentico Xperience E-commerce Implementation

With the growth of Countryside Greenhouse came the need for a website that was friendly and approachable, just like the team at its West Michigan location, as well as a site that allows users to easily purchase gift cards online.

A seasonally-based business, Countryside experiences high foot traffic spring through to the end of summer. During this time, there's a correlating 500-percent spike in website traffic.

Because of the high website traffic, the greenhouse needed a platform that scales to meet the high website traffic volume with rock solid availability and uptime.


Client Needs

  • Easy-to-use platform for ecommerce
  • Integrate a custom design and non-standard font into the website shopping cart for consistent branding
  • Ability to view gift cards online, and attach barcodes to the printable version to track card activation and usage
  • Update attributes of hundreds of products in an easy-to-use administration interface
  • Upload hundreds of product images in bulk
  • Integrate cloud-based website with internal point-of-sale system in a secure manner
  • Provide printable gift card product grid page
  • Migrate product catalog into CMS
  • Train content administrators


Using the Kentico shopping cart web part, BizStream customized the look and feel as well as the entire checkout process for both visitors and the behind-the-scenes order workflow.

As orders come into the Countryside Greenhouse website, a unique identifier is generated for any gift card product type. If a user chooses to print out a gift card, a barcode is automatically generated from that unique identifier and added dynamically to the page. This alleviates issues with consumers not using, or losing, the digital purchase.

That same product code is also periodically downloaded from the site using the REST service that comes out of the box with Kentico Xperience. That information is used in the brick-and-mortar point of sale system to determine if the card is valid and if it's been used, or not.


  • Increase in gift card sales. Gift card purchases up by more than 100 percent in the first year.
  • Time saved. After a purchase is made onsite, the point of sale automatically shoots an update back to the Kentico Xperience website to update the order line item status as payment received, saving Countryside Greenhouse the time of having to manually update two systems.
  • Top website performance.To ensure site availability during peak seasonal times, BizStream leveraged Kentico's caching to ensure top performance no matter the traffic.