Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe Windows & Doors is a nationally recognized leader in the premium window and door industry, selling its broad range of product offerings through hundreds of distributors and dealers across the United States, Canada, and beyond.

Kolbe Windows & Doors Summary

Kolbe Windows & Doors


  • Kentico Kontent
  • .NET Core / MVC
  • Azure Cognitive Search


  • Design
  • Development
  • Content Management System





Kentico Kontent Implementation


Kolbe Windows & Doors looked to BizStream for a site redesign as their previous site did not meet their expectations. Goals included: 

  • Enhance search results. Kolbe wanted to refine their gallery's search capabilities so users could toggle a wide range of filters and get quick results. 
  • Improved Masonry layout. The previous Masonry layout was not effective and didn't meet their visual expectations. 
  • Increased site speed. Kolbe wanted to make sure the large number of images didn't continue to weigh down their site.
  • Future-friendly technology. Kolbe wanted a site built to current standards, allowing for seamless integrations in the future. 
  • Simplified content management system. Kolbe was looking to directly export out of Adobe Bridge into their CMS, with minimal amounts of extra work. 
  • Easily sharable content. Kolbe wanted to share individual images and pre-selected search results through social media and links.


  • Integration from the existing portal site to the new technology
  • Complex navigations, such as the utilization of back/forward buttons 
  • The Masonry layout needed to line up without gaps for visual imagery while also maintaining their proper watermarks. 
  • Crafting a suitable module to give mobile users a great experience
  • Building a content module from Adobe Bridge to Kentico Kontent 


  • Our team utilized Kentico Kontent and Kentico Xperience. 
  • Vue.js was used to complete the goals surrounding images, state tracking, forward/back buttons, and modules.
  • BizStream built a custom API with .NET Core and Azure Search for enhanced search and filtering.


  • Google Analytics