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Founded in 1996 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Prevea Health is a healthcare organization that provides high-quality, convenient primary and specialty healthcare in 70+ locations across Northern and Eastern Wisconsin in clinic and hospital settings, along with onsite and near-site locations. Prevea offers more than 60 specialties of care, including Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Women’s Care.

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Business Goals

Prevea Health entrusted BizStream with developing its website within the Kentico Xperience 13 platform using ASP.NET MVC Core. 

Redesign to a Modern Look: Update the website’s appearance to reflect a contemporary and appealing design.

Improve Content Management:  Simplify the content administration experience for easier management and updates.

Enhance Search Functionality: Improve the search experience for website visitors, including provider & location search and general search.

Data Models: Correct existing data models to ensure accurate content storage.

Address Content Duplication: Eliminate duplicated content throughout the site.

Site Performance Improvements:
Address and resolve site performance issues, including slowness.

Build a Solid Foundation: Build a solid foundation and framework that can be managed by Prevea Health’s internal teams and supported in partnership with BizStream.


Significant Performance Improvement: The new website shows marked improvement in overall performance metrics, particularly in key areas such as First Contentful Paint and Largest Contentful Paint.

Enhanced User Experience and Engagement: The website now delivers key content almost twice as fast, significantly enhancing the browsing experience. Additionally, improvements in the Cumulative Layout Shift and Speed Index contribute to a smoother and more engaging user experience.

Maintained High Standards: Both Accessibility and SEO scores remained high, demonstrating consistency in essential areas while focusing on improving performance and best practices.

Enhanced Best Practices Compliance: The new site complies better with web best practices, indicating a more secure and user-friendly site.

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