Courtney Klawieter

woman in black and white striped sweater

Courtney is a web developer and chiropractor passionate about wellness and technology. She grew up in Rockford, Michigan, and attended Aquinas College for her undergraduate degree. After graduation, Courtney earned her doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Courtney transitioned from health care to website development because she felt an innate drive to challenge herself to […]

Tucker Winright

Close up of guy in plaid shirt

Tucker started programming in his junior year of high school and hasn’t stopped since. After receiving his computer science degree from Cedarville University, he accepted an internship at BizStream, and after three months, he was hired as a full-time team member! He loves playing disc golf in the warmer months and probably has an unhealthy […]

Will Dixon

Man in sweatshirt with arms crossed

Will’s dad, an AP Computer Science teacher at EKHS, introduced him to the magic of computers and programming when he was old enough to type on a keyboard. With this long-lasting passion, Will graduated from MSU with a computer science degree and has since continued to be an avid enjoyer of all things technology related. […]

Heather Storseth

woman with blonde hair and glasses

Heather is from a small town called Selah, Washington, and has been in Michigan since 2014. Heather has always been passionate about technology. She grew up playing video games on the NES, Nintendo64, Game Cube, Wii, and a few styles of Game Boys. She was first introduced to HTML and CSS in 2006 by one […]

Brandon Dekker

Black and white photo of man with beard and glasses

Brandon found software development in high school and took dual enrollment classes to get college credits at Davenport University, where he graduated in 2018. Brandon then completed a Bachelor of Science with specialties in simulation/game design and computer architecture/algorithms. While the gaming world was fun, he thrived more with data. He worked for the State […]

Kamden Bolhuis

Guy posing in a hoodie

Kamden first joined FIRST Robotics in 2014, where he learned how to program lego Mindstorms robots using drag-and-drop programming. In middle school robotics, he learned the basics of Java, which led to learning how to make Minecraft plugins in Java during his free time; this fueled his passion for programming. Then, in the winter of […]

Parker Ovadek

Parker Ovadek headshot

After high school, Parker earned his degree in Information Systems from Grand Valley State University. LinkedIn Fun Facts I graduated from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Information Systems. I played baseball for 15 years. I’ve won $1000 from a scratch-off. My favorite genre of music is Country. I love playing golf and […]

Sean Lakies

Sean Lakies headshot

Since high school, Sean has been working with the web and IT, where he developed an early interest in web and graphic design. Since then, he has worked in various IT roles, where he finds his passion in web development. Outside of coding, Sean enjoys exploring music, going to the gym, spending time with family […]

Nick Kooman

Nick Kooman headshot

Nick began as an intern at BizStream, not even a year after graduating from high school, and is now a full-time developer! LinkedIn Fun Facts I love coffee a little too much. I successfully insert USB drives nine times out of ten fifty percent of the time. I enjoy exploring the bleeding edge of web […]

Tyler Stirtz

Tyler Stirtz headshot

Tyler began his career in healthcare but quickly realized he was missing out on the creativity and logical aspect of computer programming. Shortly after that realization, Tyler decided to pursue his long-running interest in coding as a career, and he loves every second of it! Outside of BizStream, you can find Tyler backpacking, coding up […]

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