The Scoop on WCAG 3.0

By Michelle Lentz on May 25, 2021

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) released the first public draft of the W3C Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 3 earlier this year. While the new guidelines are in the process of being tweaked based on public feedback, the overall goal is to provide easy-to-understand guidelines that strengthen support for broader needs, including...
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What We're Reading, Vol. 1

By Michelle Lentz on May 19, 2021

During quarantine, many of us filled our spare time by finally picking up those books we've been meaning to read. From professional growth publications to novels we wanted to get lost in, here are some of our recent reads!
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BizStream Recognized as One of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

By Michelle Lentz on May 10, 2021

National Association for Business Resources (NABR) has acknowledged BizStream as one of West Michigan’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For. This marks the sixth consecutive year BizStream has received this honor. 
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The Mental Health Day: You Owe It to Yourself

By Josh Rubino on April 26, 2021

Wednesday, March 3rd. The proverbial “breaking point” for me. Let’s talk about the metaphorical mental cocktail that I’d been perfecting for some time. Take one shot of 14-month isolation, mix vigorously with equal parts government mandates, and fancy bar graphs depicting deaths per million. Add one teaspoon of a vitriol...
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Kentico Xperience Page Builder: Complex Sections & Widgets

By Ian TeGrootenhuis on April 21, 2021

Page Builder by Kentico Xperience is a very powerful tool for developers and content administrators. Giving this much power to content admins can be a little worrisome when you’re used to more structured content, but giving your content admins the freedom to customize their pages without calling you for redesigns will keep them happy. I...
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Learning Cypress Automation with Cypress Studio

By Josh Trench on April 08, 2021

Just like in the world of development, efficiency and speed are integral parts of the QA process at BizStream! In the never-ending process to improve our speed and efficiency, we got to a point where we knew automation could help enhance our testing. More specifically, we wanted to improve and automate our manually repetitive and regression...
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4 Ways to Take Control of Your Metadata and Increase Your Social Media Presence

By Dave Valko on April 07, 2021

Early in 2020, I made the decision to go Plant-Based (Vegan). I’ve scoured the web for various recipes, meat substitutes for my favorite dishes, and for a replacement to what I miss the most - Ice Cream. A friend of mine suggested a hometown creamery’s dairy-free “ice cream,” and it didn’t disappoint.Eager to share...
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Kentico Kontent User Group: Effective Content Operations for Global Teams with Brian McKeiver

By Michelle Lentz on March 17, 2021

Join BizStream Solution Architect and Kentico MVP Brian McKeiver, for this Kentico Kontent focused live webinar! The North American Kentico Kontent Group is open to anyone interested in effective content operations, whether you are an existing user of Kentico Kontent or looking to improve your digital communication strategy.
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Design Like a Developer 

By Shelby Tieche on March 16, 2021

 “Anything is possible with code.” This is a very common phrase thrown around when talking to clients or development teams about implementing features on a project. As I have transitioned from development into the design world, that phrase has quickly become “Anything is possible with code, but only with a good design...
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8 Tips for Maintaining Sanity During Difficult Times

By Amanda Hodges on March 04, 2021

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we first felt the initial impact of Covid. And what a year it was! Many of us have felt the result not just at work but also at home. For some of us, it might not have hit us too hard; for others, it has been devastating. Regardless of the magnitude, we have all been...
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