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  • Design ·

5 Reasons to Choose Brand Refinement Over a Complete Rebrand

In the ever-changing marketplace, where brands vie for attention, the choice between rebranding and brand refinement becomes pivotal. While rebranding offers a fresh start, it demands hefty investments. In contrast, brand refinement gently adjusts existing elements, ensuring relevance without diluting the core identity.
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  • Events ·

Join Us for CMS Kickoff 2024

Celebrate the start of the year with CMS Kickoff in January 2024, featuring our triple MVP, Brian McKeiver, and a lineup of exceptional speakers!
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  • Advice ·

Beyond CustomModules: Naming Conventions for Clear, Maintainable Code

In the world of programming, naming is not just a formality; it’s the bridge where logic merges with language. Choosing the right names for variables, functions, classes, or modules in languages like C# isn’t just a matter of syntax—it’s the key to crafting code that communicates its purpose with clarity and elegance.
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  • Advice ·

3 New CSS Features You Can Use In Production Right Now

This blog post introduces developers to new CSS features that are either supported by major browsers, offer progressive enhancements, or have graceful fallbacks, ensuring they can be safely utilized in production environments without compatibility concerns.

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