Founder and Co-Owner Represent BizStream at Kentico Connection 2015 Orlando

By Michelle Lentz on November 18, 2015

Mark Schmidt, Founder of BizStream and Brian McKeiver, Co-Owner, traveled to attend Kentico Connection 2015. This year the United States conference was held at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL.  The multiple day conference focused on the launch of many new products and features such as the highly anticipated release of Kentico 9, taking place on...
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Connecting New Microsoft Web Projects to a Database

By Dustin Christians on November 10, 2015

Every time I start a new .NET web application I forget a few of the steps involved in connecting to the database and inserting my first record and I usually end up searching for the information online. Because I needed to know the information so often I decided it would be nice to document the process. For example, I recently decided to create a...
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​BizStream Keeps 7,120 Pounds of Electronic Waste Out of Landfills During 2015 Fall Electronics Recycling Drive

By Michelle Lentz on October 22, 2015

BizStream once again gave the Allendale and surrounding communities the opportunity to safely recycle unwanted electronics, at no charge, this Fall during its third Semi-Annual Electronics Recycling Drive. 
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​Integrating Slack Into BizStream's Daily Workflow

By Dan Walker on October 06, 2015

At BizStream, we have a computer sitting on the wall, affectionately named Wally. Wally does everything he can to keep us in line. He tells us when a new support request comes in, he makes sure we keep on top of our time sheets, and he’ll even taunt us after we lose a game of foosball. He does this all with text-to-speech, so when we&rsquo...
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BizStream Achieves Kentico Quality Expert Certification

By BizStream on September 29, 2015

Allendale, MI, September 29, 2015 — BizStream, a web and software development company located near Grand Rapids, MI is proud to announce that it has been selected as one of three Kentico Gold Partners in the world to receive the prestigious Kentico Quality Expert certification. Other recipients of this achievement are based in...
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Meditation: Hacking your Brain

By Dan Williams on September 22, 2015

There's a new fad on the horizon and it's making inroads all over the technology industry. Our industry is a fast paced one. It's filled with overflowing inboxes and encroaching deadlines. One of our jobs at BizStream is to be always looking for how to build a better mousetrap, or in other words, how to make a process more efficient....
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​What Is Your Backup Strategy?

By Blair Compston on September 09, 2015

Are you in charge of backups? I have been in IT for most of my working life and I have heard lots of ideas and thoughts about backups and recovery. After a while it starts to sound like a bunch of noise that you likely just tune out. What do you really know about your backups? I will try to streamline the conversation here, however note a good...
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Team BizStream Builds Internal Foosball Application

By Nick Beukema on September 03, 2015

Foosball is core to our unique culture at BizStream: the competition alone gets everyone in the zone, heated, and having a blast while taking a break from development. Foosball goes back many years at BizStream, and as you may know foosball is a table game version of soccer where you can play either 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2; in 2 vs 2 each team has two...
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​What Exactly, Do Software Testing and Bagpipes Have in Common?

By Josh Trench on August 18, 2015

Hailing from 6 different countries, this years conference was attended by over 190 people and had over 30 speakers to include 2 keynotes. At the conclusion of the event’s first day we were treated to a surprise performance from a pipe band, that also included our Conference Chair.
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Scalable Vector Graphics: Code Your Images

By Alli Treman on August 11, 2015

After reading this, you’ll probably start to wonder if SVG stands for “Super Versatile Graphic” because that’s what SVGs are: graphics that you can manipulate with code and use for all different purposes. Like the more familiar GIF, JPG, and PNG, SVG is an image file type. It actually stands for “Scalable Vector...
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