GitFlow for Kentico MVC Projects

By Jordan Whiteley on November 28, 2018

Here at BizStream, we’ve been using GitFlow for a while now and as we hit pain points we’ve really seen the wisdom of running with GitFlow standards. We like them, however, they are rather vague as they can apply to a whole lot of development (desktop, mobile, web, IoT, etc...). The normal GitFlow setup has two persistent branches...
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Twelve Days of Geeky Christmas

By Michelle Lentz on November 14, 2018

You’re probably here because you received the Christmas card we've rolled out this year and decided to scan that festive QR code on the back. Well firstly, thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the card! Secondly, the card promised you more information about each of our twelve days of Christmas, so here they are! 
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BizStream Is a GREAT Place to Work, but It's NOT for Everyone

By Mark Schmidt on October 24, 2018

As the title says, BizStream really is a GREAT place to work, but it is NOT for everyone. And we think that’s OK. We’ve learned over the years that trying to make a place that is perfect for everyone isn’t realistic.
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Brian McKeiver to Speak at Kentico Connection

By Michelle Lentz on October 08, 2018

Join BizStream’s Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, for his session at Kentico Connection 2018! Kentico Connection brings the Kentico community together to share knowledge, experience, ideas, and inspiration. The conference takes place October 10th-11th in Chicago, IL.  
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Community Outreach: An Easy Guide for Your Company!

By Michelle Lentz on September 28, 2018

Our team realized that it’s actually easier to plan a community outreach event than you would think. From a time and cost factor, the impact is surprisingly low and the benefit is huge! We ran an amazingly successful event last quarter in April, and through that process, discovered a few unique ways to run the event even more efficiently...
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Slow SQL Backup and Restore Dialogue Fix

By Blair Compston on September 04, 2018

When you are in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and you try and open the dialogue to run a backup or a restore it takes forever to open. We are talking go take the client out for a long lunch, come back, go to three other meetings that take twice as long as they should and maybe, just maybe the wizard will be up. Once it’s up things...
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Webinar: Siteimprove and Kentico: A Dynamic Duo in Efficient Content Management

By Michelle Lentz on August 28, 2018

With Toolkit for Kentico’s new Siteimprove Extension, each person on your web team can quickly identify and correct potential misspellings, accessibility errors, SEO errors, and more directly within Kentico CMS.
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Join Us for Movies on Monroe: Hidden Figures

By Michelle Lentz on July 31, 2018

We’re happy to be one of the many sponsors to bring you the showing of Hidden Figures for the Movies on Monroe series this Friday, August 3! 
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Brian McKeiver to Speak at Code on the Beach

By Michelle Lentz on July 24, 2018

Join BizStream’s Co-Owner and Solution Architect, Brian McKeiver, for Code on the Beach 2018. Code on the Beach has been the premiere conference to learn and hang out with the leading minds in tech in North Florida since 2013. Sessions are designed for intermediate-to-advanced software developers. The conference takes place August 9th-12th...
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We’ll See You at Beer City Code

By Michelle Lentz on June 13, 2018

Team BizStream is looking forward to Beer City Code and we have many reasons why! First off, let me tell you what Beer City Code is. Beer City Code, formerly known as GR DevDay, is an annual software development conference held in Grand Rapids, MI. This year’s conference is held June 22-23 at Calvin College. The main conference is held...
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