BizStream Teams up with Grand Circus and Girl Develop It for Tech on Tap

By Michelle Lentz on July 26, 2017

Grand Circus, GDI and BizStream have teamed up for Tech on Tap - Open Discussion About Women in Technology. This is a great opportunity for women who are looking to learn more about what it takes to be a woman in tech. This event will provide a safe and collaborative platform for real and raw discussion from women already involved in the tech...
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BizStream Launches Their First Kentico Cloud-Built Site

By Michelle Lentz on July 06, 2017

Kentico announced their headless CMS, Kentico Cloud, late last year. Ever since team BizStream has been eager to dive in!  
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Drinking in Beer City Code

By Mike Kren on June 15, 2017

Last Saturday BizStream attended Beer City Code, formerly known as GR DevDay. It’s an event described as “A software conference for software developers of all types”. We’ve always been a huge advocate of this event because we love to be involved with anything that draws positive attention to the West Michigan tech...
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Your First Day on the Job at BizStream

By Blair Compston on June 12, 2017

I don’t know about you but I have had some less than stellar first days on the job, where the day is full of paperwork and downtime sitting around waiting on managers or others to “get around to me.” It sort of makes sense right? You’re new, you don’t really understand the nuances of the company, your position, or...
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Join BizStream at Kentico Partner Summit Q3

By Michelle Lentz on May 31, 2017

Join us for Kentico Partner Summit Q3 2017 this August. These quarterly summits thrive to bring business leaders from North America’s top Kentico Partners together, in order to gain quality feedback from those who dig into Kentico everyday. Here’s your chance to join BizStream’s, Brian McKeiver, and many other top Kentico...
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Why I'm Speaking about Web Accessibility at Beer City Code

By Alli Treman on May 24, 2017

One of the best things about being a web developer is the community. In what other industry do people love sharing their solutions and helping others solve problems? This culture of sharing has given us amazing things like open source software projects on sites like GitHub and developers helping developers on StackOverflow. While these sites are...
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My Road to Finding Success

By Ian TeGrootenhuis on May 23, 2017

As a young developer I recognize that one of my main weakness is my inexperience. In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success, chapter 2 really stood out to me. In this chapter, Gladwell explains the 10,000 hour rule. 10,000 hours is the number of hours it takes to master a skill. In striving for that goal there is one big hurdle...
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Five Reasons to Challenge Yourself

By Josh Rubino on May 09, 2017

On June 3rd, 2017, nine members of team BizStream will be electrocuted. Each team member will run through a 50 ft stretch of dangling live wires that will send 10,000 volts of electricity coursing through their bodies. Now before you call the silent observer and report mistreatment in the workplace, you should know that everyone on this team...
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Brian McKeiver to Speak at Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference

By Michelle Lentz on April 26, 2017

BizStream is excited to announce that co-owner of BizStream, Brian McKeiver, has been selected to speak at SoftwareGR’s upcoming Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (GLSEC).  
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BizStream Academy Registration Opens for Summer 2017!

By Chris Hamm on April 04, 2017

We have exciting news: registration for BizStream Academy 2017 is now open!   Our BizStream Academy team have been busy looking at what worked well last year and identifying what needed improvement based on student and mentor feedback from previous sessions. Keep reading to discover what’s new for 2017! 
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