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Since 1980, National Office Furniture has designed and created quality office furniture solutions — challenging the industry norm for lead times and value. National Office Furniture prides itself on providing customers with innovative solutions, reliability, safety, style, sustainability, productivity and affordability. These values add up to satisfied customers and the right furniture for any space.

National Office Furniture Summary

National Office Furniture


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Kentico Xperience Site of the Month


Kentico Xperience Implementation

I can’t say enough about BizStream and their talented staff. Working with them has been a true partnership. They took the time to learn about our business and were able to bring substantially more to the table than just the technology, they think big picture. They continually go above and beyond to create win-win situations; plus they were a lot of fun to work with!

Liz Meyer - Interactive Marketing Manager



increase in page views



increase in pages per session



decrease in bounce rate


After rolling out a new branding package, National Office Furniture was ready to extend the new look and feel across their website, as well as enhance the site’s functionality to handle and feature their robust product line.

The specific project goals included:

High Value Content. Product information needed to be easily found because of the vast offerings that the brand has. Product information also should be detailed to the full extent because the previous version did not always have all of the information available.

Responsiveness. While flexibility for internal content management was a high priority, the end customer experience was more important.The new site needed to portray the updated branding in a responsive way and be viewable on multiple devices (smart phone, tablet, desktop and laptop).

Searchability. Product information needed to be easily found, heavily detailed (including product, sustainability, industry and application information), and easily represented with multiple, quick-loading image renditions and video galleries per product.

Flexibility for Content Administrators. The new site would be regularly updated by both Marketing and IT, so the content management system required easy maintenance without sacrificing too much time or resources. It also needed the flexibility to meet Marketing’s changing needs without restricting the presentation of the information to only what the CMS could do. The client also wished to reduce the number of technical dependencies, allowing for a single point of user management and registration — which would mean cost savings for IT.

Data Collection and Reporting. Client desired extensive reporting, including conversions, page views and detailed visitor activity logging.



One of the biggest challenges facing BizStream was the sheer amount of content, individual products, user data and high-resolution imagery featured on the National Office Furniture site — as well as the speed in which everything would need to load. The site also needed to be integrated and to work seamlessly with existing Legacy systems, and be tailored to three distinct types of visitor personas: Dealers, Designers and End Users.


BizStream implemented Kentico Xperience to provide National Office Furniture the ideal site for their significant content needs and requested user flexibility. Together with National’s internal Marketing and IT resources, the joint team was able to deliver a multitude of solutions including:

  • Rich user experience through the implementation of unveil.js to “lazy” load images on pages that included more than 100 images.
  • Created custom script to enable a client upload images of any size. This functionality automatically sets equal heights on images exhibiting different dimensions for a consistent look when displayed as a grid.
  • Used the Kentico caching system for page load optimization.
  • Wrote a custom Kentico web part combining all JavaScript files into one file and condensed it. The same technique was used with all CSS files. When the system cache is cleared, the fields are combined and condensed again so the user can see the change without clearing the browser cache.
  • Employed web services to load Dealer data from National Office Furniture’s databases. Web services can often slow page loads, so BizStream took the same software from the legacy site and optimized it to improve load times.
  • Created integration with Active Directory to gain Single Sign On (SSO) for Kentico.
  • Created many other Kentico web parts to allow for:
    • Google Maps geolocation integration for dealer search
    • Custom scheduled tasks for data sync between SAP and Kentico
    • Robust and centralized image management utilizing Kentico media library
    • Custom faceted search for content types
    • Strict response design requirements
    • Site navigation that is personalized per persona
    • Smart I Frame integration

For the three distinct visitor profiles mentioned above, BizStream implemented the following solutions:

For Authorized Dealers

  • View and download product photo images or request furniture catalogs.
  • Customizable marketing flyers for their own use.
  • Post messages via ready-made outlook templates.
  • Forms to enroll in incentives and promotions.
  • View reports on current incentives or trips, as well as lead-times for products or orders.
  • Utilization of EZ Order and “Find Current Order Status.”
  • Order surface materials from the site or links found on the site.
  • Easily connect with customer care representatives.

For Designers

  • Use of the color palette tool.
  • Find new materials, fabrics, colors, image galleries and unique product information.
  • Access to Continuing Education Units.

For End Users

  • Search for products by model, serial or part number, view images and specs.
  • Learn about the products they already own.
  • Find a Dealer near them.
  • Easily connect with customer care representatives.


  • Page views increased 15% within the first two months. 
  • Bounce rate decreased by 29% within the first two months. When looking at a broader window, overall bounce rate decreased down by 96% when compared to traffic from 2015 as opposed to 2016. 
  • Pages per session inscreased 26% within the first two months. From 2015 to 2016, page views increased 100%

Key criteria for choosing Kentico

Kentico was the ideal choice for the National Office Furniture site because of its ability to handle robust amounts of data, content and images. The completed site is entirely mobile-friendly and responsive, providing a highly customized solution in the following areas:

  • Custom tables
  • Custom user profiles
  • Ability to present a fully custom and responsive design
  • Enterprise class development & implementation abilities
  • Integration with SAP and other existing web services
  • Custom Kentico web parts