Starmark is focused on health plan designs for small to mid-size businesses. The company is committed to helping employers offer competitive health benefits to their employees. A distinguished leader in group healthcare benefits, Starmark administers self-funded health plans.

Starmark Summary



  • Custom Xperience Web Parts
  • Kentico Xperience


  • Development
  • Content Management System
  • Integration




Kentico Xperience Implementation

BizStream worked with us from start to finish to tackle a straight forward project that had some very tricky details. This was our first project using Kentico and we chose BizStream based on their status as a Kentico Gold Partner and on the strength of their references. They were able to work with us on finalizing requirements and proposing some options found in Kentico we might not otherwise have considered. They were able to quickly get the basics of our site in place and work with us on the customizations we needed around security and other advanced functionality. Their designers worked with our communications department to create a mobile-friendly site with responsive design, which was another first for us.

Brent Osland - Applications Development Manager


Short- and long-term goals for Starmark’s new Kentico website included:

  • Move from outdated content management system to a modern CMS that’s easy to use
  • Single sign-on integration
  • Straight-forward video and document management
  • Blog integration
  • Fully responsive design


  • Hundreds of forms saved in several places
  • Multiple user types
  • Blog posts imported from three separate WordPress blogs
  • Security for public and protected areas of the website
  • Compatibility across browsers and devices


Integration with single sign-on. When Starmark came to BizStream wanting to integrate with single sign-on, the company didn't know the best way to achieve this with the Kenitco platform. Drawing on their experience with custom software and previous integration projects, BizStream's Kentico-certified developers customized a solution to reach Starmark's goal.

The Starmark site has 5 types of users/roles, all needing different levels of access and security. Given the need to authenticate users for many sections of the Starmark website, BizStream’s developers implemented single sign-on. Kentico was integrated with Starmark’s single-sign-on platform, and BizStream’s developers built a Kentico form that points to that server. Once authenticated, Kentico creates users on the fly, and allows for roles and security changes on the Kentico platform. Changes are reflected the next time the user logs-in, and there’s no need to re-enter log-on credentials when accessing different areas of the site.

Document management. On Starmark’s site, the company’s marketing materials and
insurance forms might be queried by users several different ways. Because the previous CMS was so outdated, documents were stored in multiple places, which was difficult for content administers to track. To better manage documents, BizStream created a new area in the content tree to store files. This section of the site can’t be viewed by end users, but having documents in the tree allows Starmark to use version control, publish/unpublish, workflow, document aliases, and other Kentico content management features. Now, documents are updated and managed in one location only.

Video management. Much like Starmark’s multiple documents, the company also had videos scattered around the web and within the content management system. Using Kentico, BizStream’s team standardized video management as well as multiple URL’s for each video. Now, Starmark’s staff can work with just one friendly URL in a central location. Even if the video is moved, users are re-directed.

Blog integration. While Starmark intends to implement Kentico blogs in Phase II of their website design, the company needs to continue with content posting on its 3 WordPress blogs. BizStream’s developers wrote a custom web part to pull in and cache RSS feeds of existing blogs. WordPress blog headlines, dates, and abstracts appear on the site’s home page giving the page an element of frequent new content.

Fully responsive site. Recognizing that many of its users visit Starmark’s website from smart phones and other devices, the company knew designing the site to be fully responsive was a must. Using designs from Starmark’s in-house designers, BizStream’s developers created the site using a responsive grid framework. By adding CSS media queries, the site recognizes different device types and adjusts the grid accordingly. The responsive designs were tested extensively on BrowserStack, a cross-browser tool used to test compatibility and to debug the code.

Key criteria for selecting Kentico Xperience

  • Easy-to-use content management system with intuitive interface for content administrators
  • Affordability
  • Ability to quickly update and manage content, video, and navigation in-house, and keep website maintenance costs to a minimum
  • Blogging capabilities
  • Document and video management
  • Search engine optimization module that complies with SEO best practices
  • Improved site performance
  • Comprehensive feature set